Flipped Classroom

Flipped #13

FLIPPED ASSIGNMENT #13 QUESTIONS (times are there but do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. It’s like 5 minutes
out of your entire life.

1.Who were the three statesmen who championed the new Constitution? 1:56-2:01
_________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________

2.These three men laid out their position in a series of 85 essays known as the ______________ ________________. 2:06-2:10

3.What was the primary concern of the Anti-Federalists? 2:10-2:19


4.Who were the three prominent Anti-Federalists? 2:20-2:23

__________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________________________

5.What lack of protections worried these men most? 2:25-2:27


6.What was the practical reason why the Federalists opposed adding a Declaration of Rights to the Constitution? 2:40-2:55


7.Why did Madison feel that people’s rights were already guaranteed? What process did he consider as solving the issue? 2:56-3:06

8.If there was a list of things the government could not do, what did some fear that would that imply? 3:08-3:14


9.Who proposed the very Amendments he believed were unnecessary because he had made a promise? 3:32-3:50

10.How many years did it take for the Bill of Rights to be ratified after the Constitution went into effect? 3:58-4:02

11.The Bill of Rights are considered fundamental to the _______________ _________________ __________. 4:08-4:13