Flipped Classroom

Flipped Assignment #14

1. Why was the Election of 1800 known as the Revolution of 1800?

2. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were President and Vice President for the last 4 years and were best friends. True or False

3. Each party decided to run “running mates” for the candidates to avoid one becoming Vice President and repeating what happened in the last four years. Who were the running mates?

a. John Adams and ________________________________

b. Thomas Jefferson and ___________________________

4. Thomas Jefferson and Burr tied at how many votes?

5. Who had to pick the winner of the tie?

6. This election marked the decline of the Federalist Party. How many more Presidents would be a Federalist?

7. What compromise helped Jefferson win the Presidency?

Flipped Assignment #15

1.Who did President Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory from?


2. The Louisiana Territory _________________ the size of the United States.

3.Jefferson wanted to discover the ________________ __________?

4.The exploration group was called the Corps of Discover. It had 3 main goals:
the Northwest Passage, an all water connection from the ___________ Ocean to the _____________ Ocean.

b.Document the _______________, ___________ and __________ life along the way.

c.Meet the ____________ ________________ tribes and extend friendship of the US

5.When they ran out of navigable rivers, the men tried to purchase ________ from Native Americans to reach the
Oregon Coast.

6.Which goal dID the men




7.How long did the journey take? _______________________________________