Flipped Classroom

Flipped Assignment #3: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Questions to answer for your game. You can make up your own if you wish:

Thomas Paine’s Pamphlet “Common Sense” lays out seven basic arguments why the Colonies should be independent.


1. The first argument concerns itself with the fact that an ___________ is trying to rule a _____________.

2. Over time, the Colonies have lost their _________ identity and are now, because of the arrival of many different nationalities, are now ________________.

3. What kind of mother is the “Mother Country” being towards the colonies? _________________

4. What was the major concern of the American Colonies regarding British foreign policy?

5. Can you come up with an analogy that clearly describes the problem addressed in question 4?

6. Why is there an argument of distance? _______________________________________-

7. The sixth argument considers __________________ because the colonists, in many cases, left to get away from the ________________________ foundation.

8. In the final argument, Paine says that Great Britain will not rule the Colonies in the ____________ ______________ of the colonies.