Flipped Classroom

Flipped Assignment #9


1. Who was missing from the Constitutional Convention?

2. What was the original purpose of the Convention?

3. What was the Virginia Plan?

4. What was the New Jersey Plan?

5. What was the Connecticut Compromise?

6. What did they do about slaves?

7. Several delegates refused to sign unless this was included:

flipped assignment #10: The Flexible Constitution


    1. Why is the US Constitution flexible? (0:26- 0:49)

    The Constitution is flexible in 4 ways:
    2. #1 “It comes with a pencil and an eraser” What does that mean? (1:00)

    (1:15- 1:55)
    3. What portion of Congress is needed to change the Constitution?

    4. What portion of States is required to change the Constitution?

    5. What is the 22d Amendment and which President caused this Amendment to be put in place? (2:00- 2:17)

    6. #2 “The Elastic Clause” What does that mean? (3:03- 4:25)

    7. #3 “The unwritten Constitution” What does that mean? (4:25- 5:25) You’ll have to understand this for certain.

    8. #4 “Judicial Review” what is it and how is it flexible? (5:25-6:00// 6:08- 7:37)

    We will be discussing the court cases so you might want to know them (at least a little bit).
    (7:38- end review)