Have fun while learning about the history of the United States from the
French and Indian War through Reconstruction following the Civil War. Of
course, we will also learn why people do the wacky things they do. We want to
try to answer the questions: What is it that causes people to think and act a
certain way? Why do people continue to fight with each other?; How does
geography affect a region?; and, How do basic economics work?
We will use a variety of critical events to jumpstart our studies: Treaty of
Paris 1763, taxation after the war, Intolerable Acts, Continental Congress,
Declaration of Independence, Revolution, Constitution, Shays Rebellion, Land
Ordinance of 1785, Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Barbary Pirates, War of 1812,
and on and on… I think you get the picture. It is going to be a fun ride!
Additionally, we will study some more current events in US History,
especially during the election cycle and try to understand a
little better why things happen the way they do.
We will spend a lot of time trying to understand Causes and Effects as well as Prior Causes, Subsequent Effects, Conclusions we can reach on historical events and Generalizations we can discover.
Lastly, we will practice oral presentations, research and how to write a research paper.
I hope you like it.