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FLIPPED ASSIGNMENT # 11: Federalists v. Anti-Federalists

There are no timing prompts here. I am expecting you to do the job on your own by now

1. What is the main concept followed when writing the Constitution?

2. What did the Federalists argue was the “glue” to keep us all together?

3. Who did they go to for the Constitutional Convention Ratification process? The state legislatures or the people?

4. Where was the states’ role in the Constitution according to the Federalists?

5. What were the two arguments of the Anti-Federalists?

6. Who were the Anti-Federalists really representing?

7. What did the Bill of Rights guarantee in terms of the Ratification process?

8. What party did the Anti-Federalists finally evolve into?

flipped assignment –11

Flipped Assignment #12
Federalist 51: Legislative Power

1. What did the Framers consider the most significant power?

2. As Madison said, “If men were angels, ____ ______________________ ___________ __ __________________”.

3. How did the Framers intentionally devise the legislative Branch to keep the legislators from giving themselves expanded powers?

4. Section 8 gave the Congress specific powers, where were all other powers to remain?

5. What did Madison believe was the primary control on the government?