How can I earn extra credit?
There is only one way to receive extra credit: Read for at least 90 minutes on a subject that is focused on the US History we are studying, preferably in the timeframe we are in at the time. Extra credit is 5 points allocated to the test or quiz of your choice during the marking period or future marking periods. You can’t go backwards. Each test or quiz can only receive 5 points, but you can accumulate as many 5-point credits as you like.
Can I take a missed test online?
Yes. You will coordinate it with me, so I can position it on the
page for you. Your parents will have to supervise and sign a note letting
me know that you did it by yourself without using the book or your notes
unless it is an open book test (there is usually one of those each year).
If I have to go to my locker because I forgot my stuff, will you get mad?
First off, you won’t be going to your locker. Second, I will be
disappointed. I would hope that you would organize yourself
better for the day.
What if I forget to do my homework?
You get a ZERO for that assignment. Each homework is worth one point. However, it is 20% of your grade.
What if I lost my homework but find it after class?
Show it to me before the end of the day and I will wipe out the
What happens if I forget my books?
You won’t forget what we don’t have, plus everything you need is on the website.
What if I forget my notebook?
Grab some paper to take notes and then put them in your notebook
Why can’t I just go to my locker whenever I want to?
Because it disrupts other students and it’s just disrespectful.
No one wants to hear banging lockers in the hallway when they are trying to
concentrate on the lesson for the day.
Will we be taking any online tests?
If you don’t, it will be the exception. We have our own cart and will give it a workout.
Who is your favorite student?
You are!
Why do we use signals in class?
By using signals, we allow people to get up to do things without
stopping the flow of the class. You don’t need to announce to the whole world
that you have to go to the bathroom, do you?

A simple signal by raising your fist tells me you need to go, and a nod from me sends you on your way.
How many signals are there?
There are just three:
1.) You raise your fist for bathroom or a drink.
2.) Outstretch your arm horizontally to go to the nurse.
3.) Surprisingly, simply raise your hand to say something.
What happens if I am playing a non-educational game when I am supposed to be working on a game design?
First offense, you lose computer privileges for one week.
Second offense, you lose privileges for the month.
Third offense, you lose privileges for the year and will be given all tests and quizzes on paper. You will only be able to participate in gaming to provide input, not manipulate the platform.
What if I have a question that is not listed here?
Just ask it. Maybe it will become a FAQ someday. 😊
What can I do if I really screw up a quiz or test and know I can do better?
First off, never take a test or quiz if you were sick, missed the review, or had problems the night before (like your dog dying).
If you really messed up, everyone is afforded ONE redo during the year. You can do either a test or quiz (I recommend tests).
If you do a quiz or test again, I will average the two grades and that will be your new score. If you do worse, I throw it out BUT you have used your
one opportunity for the year, So, be smart and study ahead and you won’t need to do this.